Dewar's True Scotch

Not all whisky drinkers are stereotypical cigar-puffing aficionados. In fact many of them are young and buoyant individuals, curious about the dram in their hand and thirsty for knowledge. Our task at Mr. President was to bring the origins of Dewar’s True Scotch to life for visitors from around the world. Something they’re proud to discover and will want to share with their mates down the pub. All without having to fork out for a flight to Scotland.

The website tells the story and the craft of the bottle in your hand. Each bottle of Dewar’s Scotch comes with a unique batch code. Just punch the code into, along with your address. whether you’re in Miami Beach or London and you will be taken on a Google hyper-lapse journey from your bar stool back to the heart of Dewar’s, the Aberfeldy Distillery.

Once at the distillery you can actually take a walk around and explore the surroundings in full 360 HD, hearing from the whisky crafters themselves. The site works across desktop, mobile and tablet, with each visit immortalised physically at Aberfeldy. A custom made view-counter, made of old Dewar’s bottles and oak staves, ticks over each time someone visits the site.

Try it out here.